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We believe that venture capital is in its infancy in Australia and is a powerful tool for generating both economic impacts and creating a better world for tomorrow. At Cooke Capital, we believe in openness and transparency. When dealing with us, you will always know where things stand. If your idea doesn’t fit our criteria for investment, we will let you know why.

For those companies that do fit our criteria, we'll schedule some initial calls or meetings, and then we’ll quickly move on to some preliminary due diligence. We aim to have this done in a few weeks, but this is dependent on how other aspects of your funding round are going. 


We generally target early-stage start-up companies looking to raise around $250,000 and whilst Cooke Capital will not contribute the majority of the funding round, we will assist by presenting the deal to a range of interested parties through our syndicated partnerships.


Additionally, we have led numerous companies through the M&A process; advising on how to unlock value throughout the process, using our deep knowledge and expertise to help navigate the complexities of the M&A process to acquire, merge or divest businesses and ensure maximum success.

In making decisions, we examine the following:


You have identified a real problem that impacts many people.

This is not just what you think but validated with user or market insights.


Users are willing to pay to have the problem disappear.

A business is unsustainable unless the product value can be translated into revenue from users.


You are solving this problem in a very different manner.

You outperform the competition / have some unfair advantage that cannot be replicated.


Momentum exists with prospective customers.

Validated with traction from either users or paying customers.


You have a concrete plan to reach a "future" state.

The roadmap to scale the company to it's next major milestome ir achievable 


The team is well placed to bring the plan to fruition.

 The team has distinct knowledge/industry expertise that places you at the centre of your customer's issues.

Founder Testimonials




"Brian was an integral part of Scrunch's funding round.  Beyond the initial investment, Brian's advice and mentoring have been immensely valuable to the success and long term viability of Scrunch as a technology startup."




"Brian has been one of the key reasons for our success to date. His pragmatic guidance from his decades of experience has proven to be invaluable for growth and navigating the key challenges we have faced."

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